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Welcome. This section is intended to constitute a database of links to revision sheets that can be from anywhere on the web. The visitor of this section can search for revision sheets that they're interested in, for an exam, occasional revisions or curiosity, choosing different criteria such as level of study, subject or author. Until the database is too big, links to all of the revision sheets will be displayed in a table.

Everyone can post links to revision sheets he has found on the Internet, making the list more and more abundant, and rich in choice.

I'll also post the revision sheets I wrote (math and physics, University level) and I will put them in open source, so that everyone can contribute their own improvements.

I hope you'll be interested in the project. Enjoy your visit!

Subject, theme Title Level of study Author of post Date posted Link
Mathématique Quelques définitions sur les fonctions MPSI neptilo 21/12/11 fiches/0.pdf
Mathématiques Résolution d'équations MPSI neptilo 21/12/11 fiches/1.pdf
Mathématiques Formules de Taylor, inégalités MPSI neptilo 21/12/11 fiches/2.pdf
Mathématiques Trigonométrie MPSI neptilo 21/12/11
Mathématiques Encore plus de fonctions trigonométriques MPSI neptilo 21/12/11 fiches/4.pdf
Physique Électromagnétique MP neptilo 21/12/11 fiches/electromag.pdf
Physique Optique MPSI neptilo 21/12/11 fiches/optique.pdf
Physique Thermodynamique, thermochimie MP neptilo 21/12/11 fiches/thermo.pdf
Physique Tout MP neptilo 03/02/12
Philosophie Le Mal Terminale neptilo 04/02/12
Mathématiques Probabilités Enseeiht 1A Informatique neptilo 04/09/12 fiches/proba.pdf
Traitement de données audiovisuelles Analyse hilbertienne Enseeiht 2A Informatique neptilo 26/06/13 fiches/analyse_hilbertienne.pdf

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