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Welcome to the programming section of my website.

This section is devoted to Actionscript programming. You will find below some of my interactive programs that I created, including games. As promised, I developed for you a system of score saving in my games. After a long while of wait when some of you could train, you are now able to take place among the ten top scores of my games, and in several levels. Good luck!

What about having a look at my newest program: "Life"? This program pretty much looks like an MMORPG (which is what inspired me in the beginning).

Note: For the programs to function, you must have version 7 or later of Flash Player installed. In case the do not appear properly, please download the latest version of Flash Player.

If you wish to discover my work on fractals, it's here.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

Aligned This is the first game I have programmed. Align the three squares to get points. Please read help (only in French, sorry) before playing.
Rotations This deals with a colored ring which moves according to a combination of four rotations. The program allows you to modify various parameters to get a customized shape.
Bouncing balls Here is a small squared box in which two circular balls move according to gravity and friction. Some collisions are not entirely faithful to physics laws but they seem to do... You may also move the balls yourself.
Snake And here is the very famous game of snake. If however you do not know the rules of the game, a help page is at your disposal for you to get to know them.
Pix I present you once again a game I invented. It combines luck, speed and strategy. Your mission is to delete all the black pixels.
Protons and electrons Watch these two protons and electrons continuously attracting and pushing back each other, hoping (in vain) that they form a dihydrogen molecule. They might nearly manage to do this if you move them...
3D Function This is a graphic calculator in 3 dimensions. Simply choose a function and watch the result from the angle you like.
Life Have fun taking your character from one side to another of your screen. Click on the ground and your character will hasten to join the pointed place. You may even ask your friends to connect and chat with them!
Note: The program regularly synchronizes with the data bases. During this time, the buttons turn white and are disabled. To delete your message, simply send an empty message.
A* An implementation of the famous pathfinding algorithm A*.
User's guide: click and drag to draw obstacles or erase them. Up arrow for the start. Down arrow for the arrival. Spacebar to launch the algorithm. Refresh the page to make a new test.
Ants colony An attempt of ant colony algorithm

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