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Welcome to the page of presentation of Poplengwo, the international conlang (constructed language) which everyone can contribute to develop.

The philosophy of Poplengwo development is based on the idea that if a conlang is created and devoted to the use of a community, then this very community should have elected this language, voted each element that make up this language, just like one elects a president or one votes laws. The principle of Poplengwo development is simple: one user gives one or more suggestions of rules, and then the other users vote for the suggestion they find the most relevant, the most convenient, the best argued. Every user can therefore bring his own arguments to praise the suggestion he chose.

To start the development of Poplengwo, I help contributors by presenting some possible versions of the language. Those files were initially my own trials of conlangs. However, please regard them as simple examples, previews of what Poplengwo might be. You can draw your inspiration from them to give your own suggestions.

preview of Poplengwo version 1
Poplengwo version 1
preview of Poplengwo version 2
Poplengwo version 2
preview of Poplengwo version 3
Poplengwo version 3
preview of Poplengwo version 4
Poplengwo version 4
preview of alphabet reform
Alphabet reform
preview of Poplengwo version 5
Poplengwo version 5

Update: In April 2020, I discovered an international language which had already been published for 10 years, and which was to me the best notable international language that I'd ever seen: Lingwa de planeta (Lidepla).
When reading about it, I was struck to see how similar some aspects were with Poplengwo.
So, if you're interesting in promoting a good international language, I would definitely recommend you have a look at Lidepla. It has the advantage of already having a community and it is surely more notorious than Poplengwo will ever be!
To be clear, this doesn't mean I'll abandon Poplengwo. I still think the concept is interesting. Even if it will realistically never be used globally, it can still be used for example as a global language in a fictional futuristic universe. 🙂

Forum and polls

The forum (on the left) is at your disposal to ask various questions or chat. A vote system (on the right) has been set to allow you to start the development of the language.
To start the creation of Poplengwo, you can already read the first poll in the category Syntax and vote.

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