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Languages section

If you are interested in languages and linguistics theory, in designing your own constructed language(s), and you would like your ideas to be useful to the world, then here is the section you need.

I wrote pages to introduce you to my project of conlang (constructed language) called Poplengwo, and some other projects. There are eventually some other stuff I would like to include in this language section, but I will see and I don't want to say more for now.

In the section of Poplengwo, you will be able to share your ideas in order to design an entire international constructed language. This will be the "world's language", the "language designed by you", as you will be able to contribute to the entire syntax, writing system, and vocabulary of the language.

Poplengwo, collaborative international language
regularized French, the French language, thoroughly reformed (only in French)
Osès, language of symbols, whose construction indicates the pronunciation (only in French)
Sméwa, imaginary language invented by a friend (only in French)
French pronunciation lesson for English-speaking Chinese people. If you're Chinese and you can speak English and you want to learn French, you can visit this page.

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