Foliage of characters in various languages
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Drawing section

Welcome to the drawing section of my website. Click on the pictures of drawings to view them.

You may also be interested in the design of an older website I had developed. Friends had asked me to create a website on which one could read some manga they were drawing, and where visitors could send scans of their own drawings. Although everything was ready on the website to send scans, the project was abandonned. But it is still available here (only in French).

Alieth Alieth Ballpoint pen and colored pencil on plain paper, edited in Photoshop
Cle Cle Pencil on grain paper
Creepy boy Creepy boy Pencil on smooth white table
Dep Dep Pencil on plain paper
Gumpel Gumpel Pencil on grain paper
At the Museum At the Museum Pencil on yellow scratch paper
Kira Kira Pencil on plain paper
Manga Manga Pencil on plain paper
Mésya Mésya Pencil on grain paper
Paths Paths Pencil on plain paper
Rodna Rodna Black ballpoint pen on scratch paper with large tiles
Self portrait Self portrait Pencil on grain paper
Slinur Slinur Black ballpoint pen on scratch paper
Zogg Zogg Black ballpoint pen on scratch paper with large tiles

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